Workarounds Cost Arounds: Browser Edition

Man pulling his hair screaming IEEEEE!Web designers around the world have two biggest challenge in their projects. To make their websites look right on Internet Explorer 6 and for those who cares, to pass HTML/XHTML validation and adhere to web standards. Somewhere in the world at this very second, some web designer in their little cube is screaming “IEEEEEE!!!” It’s a universal call out for disdain. A recent article from Yahoo! Internet News, web developers and designers spends countless hours debugging websites to adhere to web standards as well as make it “look good” in I.E. 6.Since there is a growing paradigm shift on web standards, more and more people are in the cross road between designing something for the most predominant browser in the world, I.E., at the same time developing to standards. Now, Microsoft had released their latest browser I.E. 8 which is supposed to be following web standards. But in the recent talks at the Web Standards Group there are still too many technical snafus involved in installing the browser. I’d rather wait. Meanwhile, we still need to put the hack * html bla bla bla to all of our CSS to make things look right. End note