That Plugin Made my Site [Invalid]

So, as I am developing this blog, I spent most of my time making sure that the website passes all validation that I know. I ran the CSS, XHTML and 508 Validation using Chris Pederick’s Firefox toolbar, even used the Web Accessibility toolbar’s WAVE tool, to make sure that when we launch this site that it passes all standards known. Then I came across Feedburner’s e-mail signup plugin.

When I got Feedburner’s plugin and applied it to the WordPress template editor, WAM! 26 errors. Then I came back and began tweaking the codes which I ended up spending an hour. There were no labels on the form, there is a popup callout and since we’re using Doctype Strict, it won’t pass due to my target _blank. So I cleaned out the codes, took out the popup callout and guess what, the page it goes to… ANTICIPATES a popup. There’s a dang “close window” button. At least there could have been an alternative page that does not require a popup window. So, please don’t judge us for not passing the Strict Doctype test! End note