For Fun And For Free

I am writing this on behalf of Accessible Twitter and Dennis Lembree. In The Beginning I was consulting at Cornell University in 1991 when I saw the first Web pages on a NeXT computer. The first pages were rather accessible but there wasn’t any assistive technology on the NeXT computer at that time. JAWS for DOS… Continue Reading For Fun And For Free

Enable full keyboard tabbing on Firefox for the Mac

I was very frustrated that Firefox for the Mac didn’t seem to work properly when I wanted to use the tab key to move through a web page. It was frustrating when filling in forms. The tab worked to move from one text field to another but would just skip over select lists. It was… Continue Reading Enable full keyboard tabbing on Firefox for the Mac

Advocates for Disabled Praise Metro-North

By NICOLE NEROULIAS Published: July 27, 2008 Metro-North has added elevators to eight renovated Westchester stations in the last 10 years, and 32 of the county’s 43 Metro North stations will be wheelchair-accessible by 2010.